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Premier Oil plc is an oil and gas Exploration and Production Company publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange. Today Premier Oil’s global production is around 80,000 boepd, of which Vietnam contributes ca. 20% to Premier Oil’s global production. Since commencing operations in Vietnam in September 2004, Premier Oil discovered Chim Sao and Dua fields in Block 12W in the Nam Con Son (NCS) basin offshore Vietnam. First Oil from Chim Sao field was achieved in October 2011 and later that year gas was first exported into the NCS pipeline. Chim Sao field production facilities consist of a wellhead platform and an FPSO. Dua field was developed during 2012 – 2014 and commenced its production in July 2014. Dua crude oil flows up to a subsea wellhead platform then commingles with Chim Sao oil stream to the same production facilities. Currently eleven Chim Sao wells and three Dua wells are producing daily in total ca 30,000 barrels of oil and gas equivalent, and to date Premier Oil Vietnam has produced over 50 million barrels of oil with gas exported to Vietnam via the NCS pipeline. There are nearly 90 professionals working for Premier Oil Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh and Vung Tau, about 90% of whom are Vietnamese. Beside oil and gas business Premier Oil Vietnam puts great emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility by providing educational opportunity and infrastructure to benefit the people in the communities where we operate.

Hey there, I'm a 41 year old grandfather and have the last six years go pretty rough for me..let me start with back in 2005 I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and would end up in the hospital for one to two weeks at a time at first once a month the a year later twice a month .. Im not a drinker or really never was didn't use drugs ...after exhausting GI doctors and such they told me my case was idiopathic in 2010 my surgeon sent me to Houston for a autologous islet cell transplant which in short they take out pancreas and spleen and harvest the cells that make insulin and transplant into my liver hoping that the liver later will regulate question is that before my medical problems I was 294 lbs. Very strong and athletic.. Now I'm thinly build and 164lbs. I need help and advice because I'm very week and seems like my muscles are disappearing my friends want me to try pro hormones but I'm scared ..I'm on a meal replacement protien cuz I don't have enzymes from my pancreas to break down fat ..I just want to build inner strength and lean muscle ..thanx for letting me bend your ear...James r.

Ai tren t? 100 usd

ai tren t? 100 usd


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