Anadrol effects on muscles

A 2009 study conducted in Iran at Iranian Azad University and published in the journal Procedia, looked at its effects on cholesterol values [1]. Ten bodybuilders were told to obtain Anadrol on the black market and used the anabolic for six weeks.  Both their high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) were tested before use and after the Anadrol use had discontinued. HDL is known as good cholesterol, whilst LDL is known as bad.  High amounts of LDL are associated with cardiovascular disease and increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.

This can be countered to an extent. You can increase the dosage towards the middle and later parts of taking it to increase the positive effects. You can also take a period of time away from the drug, cycling off for a bit to give your body time to recover before getting back to it again. Be aware that the more you take a day, the less results you will get added to through the additional dosage. So for example, taking 50mg a day adds a lot. Adding 50mg a day improves the results, but not by much. Adding 50mg more for 150mg a day adds slightly more, but it is typically not worth the negative side effects to your health for only marginal improvements. Studies conducted on the drug helps to back up this assertion, postulating that 100mgs/day is perfect for Anadrol cycling.

If you are one of those folks out there who are taking larger doses on those steroid, you may also start experiencing some gastrointestinal issues as well. Also, like the majority of steroids on the market today, Anadrol will effect testosterone production for those who use it, thus you should start taking PCT while using Anadrol. After reading through the list of side effects mentioned above, there is one thing to really keep in mind here, if you are experiencing the side effects listed above or if something not mentioned here happens to you, seek the help of a medical professional as quickly as possible. Anadrol, like the majority of steroids on the market today, do contain some side effects that you truly should take note of, but when you look at how many benefits outweigh the negatives, you know that Anadrol will still be the steroid for you.

Anadrol effects on muscles

anadrol effects on muscles


anadrol effects on musclesanadrol effects on musclesanadrol effects on musclesanadrol effects on musclesanadrol effects on muscles