Is trenbolone a progestin

Trenbolone Acetate (Tren-A) is a highly androgenic/anabolic steroid (AAS) and a potent agonist of androgen receptors which has been extensively used as a growth promoter. Trenbolone Acetate is a progestin and does not convert to estrogen. The effects of Trenbolone Acetate are increased weight gain, increased aggression, sweating, insomnia, increased muscle hardness, improved food conversion efficiency, decreased muscle RNA and DNA concentrations and decreased free cathepsin D activity in muscle. The half-life of Trenbolone Acetate in circulation is 24 hours.

It's all too tempting to take a literature reference citation after a given statement as meaning there is proof for the statement, but in popular literature, and it seems particularly in the nutritional supplement and steroid-writing fields, that all too often is not the case. Quite often only a small part of the statement is backed up, or would be backed up except there is a misapplication, or even in many cases with regard to nutritional supplements one often sees references given in advertisements that aren't even tangentially related to the claim. But people see the reference and assume, Oh, it must be true.

When considering off-season use of Trenbolone Enanthate, there is something we must keep in mind. Use will help the individual control his body fat, but this does not mean body fat is impossible to gain. You must consume a level of calories above maintenance to truly grow. Thankfully, with Tren you will make better use of each calorie and the metabolic factors will also provide fat gain protection. However, there will still be a cutoff point. The use of Tren in the off-season is not a license to eat like there’s no end in site. You can still gain plenty of body fat if you don’t exercise self-control.

Is trenbolone a progestin

is trenbolone a progestin


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