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Crocodile has displayed an extremely cynical and patronizing attitude, showing complete disregard to the romantic pirate lifestyle and stating that all the values that the status of Pirate King had once symbolized were now worthless to him. [36] He valued military power above popularity, renown, and treasure. Crocodile believed that only ignorant fools declare their grandiose dreams. He refers to trust and faith in others as idiotic several times during the Alabasta arc. [37] He claims to have done away with countless people rather than trust them and goes so far as to deride those who fight for others, making their defeats all the more harsh. [38]

She headed to the Castle Garden to meet Luffy and Law after being informed of their presence by her subordinates. She prepared to exact revenge by touching them and erasing their entire existence. Just as she got close to the two, Usopp locked on to Sugar from the old King's Plateau, launching a "Long Range Bagworm" after awakening his Kenbunshoku Haki . The bagworm contained a recreation of Ussopp's Tatababasco face made by Kanjuro , which flew by Sugar at close range and high speed. This attack caused Sugar to relive her earlier trauma and lose consciousness once again, saving both Luffy and Law from her powers. [6]

One piece trebol vs robin

one piece trebol vs robin


one piece trebol vs robinone piece trebol vs robinone piece trebol vs robinone piece trebol vs robinone piece trebol vs robin