Test prop clen t3 results

I used this primo with some I had leftover to run 500mg primo for 16 weeks. Currently at week 12 and the thickness I look for in my bicep is definitely there, I know this is real primo. I ran the primo lower and incorporated proviron at 50 mgs a day split an/pm which gave me just the right amount of estrogen along with trt levels of test and hcg. At this point in my last cycle my back looked like a pepperoni pizza and now it’s smooth and clear. I found I don’t need a full gram of primo to get great results as long as it’s good quality.
Also running a little tren. Started out around 245lbs and currently down to 230 with no drop in strength yet.

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Test prop clen t3 results

test prop clen t3 results


test prop clen t3 resultstest prop clen t3 resultstest prop clen t3 resultstest prop clen t3 resultstest prop clen t3 results