Tren ace changes

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one of my best bros and his wife gave birth to a severely handicap child almost 20yrs ago. I developed my friendship with him when their son was a little over a year old. now for almost the first 3yrs my bro beat himself up pretty bad thinking just this, that his few years of heavy recreational drug use could have been the cause or partially to blame for his sons condition, and some how transferred to his wife thru his seed. mind you little J wasn't expected to live past the first few years of his life, and in the first year endured 7 serious operations only to undergo many more of span off his life the most recent was a full spinal fusion from the base of his neck to his ass 5yrs ago. this boy is a true warrior, braver than anyone I have known and being a Marine I've known some brave men. the kindest soul I've ever encountered. now that many get the gist as to how many professionals he's had to talk to everyone had ensured him that something like that was not possible and was just a generic anomaly. one pediatric Dr. said it best, that while certain foods and drugs may change the taste of sperm none of the chemical properties are transferred. just sharing an old conversation with ya fellas.

Tren ace changes

tren ace changes


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