Tren ace test prop winny cycle

Of course, packaging means nothing if you the product isn't any good. I sampled this Test C as part of my TRT program last summer. It draws up very well and has no post injection pain. I used this product at .4 cc (100mg) 2x week for 12 1/2 weeks. My libido and energy level were right were they should be and my perceived test levels also remained high. I did not do blood work during this time, but I have been on test for TRT for 4 years and feel confident that this is good test. I also was able to lean out really well while on TRT with this test, something that would not happen with inferior test.

lol .. i agree , when he read from you guys that he should get rid of the cycles or scrap them the only comment he made was and i quote "im not throwing out my gear , i paid too much for it " lol . I tried to explain to him that he doesnt have to toss away the gear but rethink how he is going to use it and with other items other than what he has purchased .
Everyone on here im sure has opened his eyes for sure , he was def mis informed on how to use gear , but would not listen to me so now that he sees that everyone else is slamming his choices , now he is starting to rethink that maybe he was wrong .
I told him , you have sustanon already , buy some dbol stack them together and see what happens , his worry is he doesnt want to blow up like a balloon holding water , so when he read up on tren and seen how you dont hold water with it or winny he figured if he added those along with sustanon it would counter the water retention , once you guys blasted him on his choices he dropped the sustanon from the mix and said ill just run the tren and winny lol .. so he is sitting here beside me now as i type this and i told him that he needs to research more if he wont listen to me or atleast tke the adivse of what he is reading on here .

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Tren ace test prop winny cycle

tren ace test prop winny cycle


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