Tren acetate burn fat

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ran 300mg tren ace for my last ,wed, each it with 200mg decca ew and 50mg winny my first show(the one before that) kept the decca the same but only ran the tren@50mg/winny@50mg twice a difference was quiet dramatic to say the least!.bigger,harder and a lot more shut down was pretty bad though at the end without the yes i would agree that tren is very good at stripping fat and putting muscle mass on at the same know the amounts that i have mentioned are nothing compared to the op but i never really need to run that much to get good at the end of the day as was said earlier its all down to you eat a load of crap there aint any gear that is going to magic you into good shape lol

Weeks Testosterone-Propionate Equipoise Trenbolone-Acetate Dianabol Anavar Arimidex
1 125/eod 400mg 20mg/ed /ed
2 125/eod 400mg 20mg/ed /ed
3 125/eod 400mg 20mg/ed /ed
4 125/eod 400mg 20mg/ed /ed
5 125/eod 400mg /ed
6 125/eod 400mg /ed
7 125/eod 400mg 50mg/eod 50mg/ed /ed
8 125/eod 400mg 50mg/eod 50mg/ed /ed
9 125/eod 50mg/eod 50mg/ed /ed
10 125/eod 50mg/eod 50mg/ed /ed
11 125/eod 50mg/eod 50mg/ed /ed
12 125/eod 50mg/eod 50mg/ed /ed

Tren acetate burn fat

tren acetate burn fat


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