Tren steroid how to take

I placed and paid for an order. My tracking number was given to me via-email and I watched my package get dispatched and it traveled all over Thailand. After 30 days, it ended up going back to the original postage center. I had inquired as to why it was returned and I get a response telling me they will ask their contact at the postage center. Then I hear nothing back for another 30 days so I follow up with them via e-mial again, and they say “we are waiting for confirmation”. Three more months go by and I’ve send more then 10 emails for an update and after the 10th email I get a reply back saying that they are reshipping. Another 30 days go by I send an email asking for a tracking number. No reply. 6 months have gone by and send out 10 more emails and still NO REPLY. Just a big scam. Don’t order from them.

Ran the test prop at 100mg EOD for 80 day cycle and loved it, very high quality oil, took bloods at the 4 and 8 week point was consistent with other great labs I've ran, gained a total of 11 lbs on slight caloric increase and had very few if any side effects at all, just high sex drive and some oily skin and great gains, very full pumps and veins, great aggression and stamina as well.
Oil was very smooth and injected easy, clear oil and left no lumps or welts.
Id say with my experience this is my favorite lab

Tren steroid how to take

tren steroid how to take


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