Tren x3 steroid

This was my first time ordering from Yoked and definitely not my last. His Tren A is absolute FIRE! Nice and dark a little burn after injection but that’s typical. Within an hour or two of my first pin I was ready to pounce and had amazing pumps in the gym. Definitely the best tren I’ve ever used. I ordered dbol too but it’s for a buddy so I’ll update that when I hear his feedback but I imagine it’s fire as well. Cialis works well too. My lady thanks you yoked ;) Overall medium time frame. 13 days from initial order to receiving. Definitely recommend!

Ran the test prop at 100mg EOD for 80 day cycle and loved it, very high quality oil, took bloods at the 4 and 8 week point was consistent with other great labs I've ran, gained a total of 11 lbs on slight caloric increase and had very few if any side effects at all, just high sex drive and some oily skin and great gains, very full pumps and veins, great aggression and stamina as well.
Oil was very smooth and injected easy, clear oil and left no lumps or welts.
Id say with my experience this is my favorite lab

Tren x3 steroid

tren x3 steroid


tren x3 steroidtren x3 steroidtren x3 steroid