Trends in steroid use

Although it’s not entirely clear how lanosterol is working, the researchers believe that the steroid prevents the proteins from building up. According to Tech Times , if the drops prove to also work on humans, they could offer a non-invasive treatment for individuals with mild to moderate cataracts and serve as a way to prevent the condition from ever returning. While cataract surgery is relatively easy and safe, the drops would serve as an easier alternative for the 50 million Americans estimated to be afflicted by the condition by the year 2050.

CONCLUSIONS: A long-term comparison of anabolic steroid use (from 1989-1996) indicates that use among adolescent males and females has decreased significantly (P < .05). However, for females the low point in lifetime steroid use was reached in 1991, with subsequent significant (P < .05) increases in use being reported in several national data sets. For adolescent males, after declining sharply between 1989 and 1991, steroid use has generally been stable since 1991. Moreover, based on the 1995 estimates of high school students and Youth Risk and Behavior Surveillance System data, approximately 375,000 adolescent males and 175,000 adolescent females in public and private schools in the United States used anabolic steroids at least once in their lives. These results suggest that prevention, intervention, and regulatory efforts to reduce steroid use at the local, state, and national levels should be reassessed, especially those efforts that focus on adolescent female steroid use.

Trends in steroid use

trends in steroid use


trends in steroid usetrends in steroid usetrends in steroid usetrends in steroid usetrends in steroid use