What is better anadrol or anavar

Well when using pro hormones and other products like it. It is for muscle gain and weight benefits. From taking products like these is great while working out everyday. First time I took something similar i seen weight lost… muscle gain/lean . But don’t take after 4 weeks. If your a rookie to the test. The longest i have taken anything like it. Was 5 weeks .I also take milk thisel 1 cap every few days. This is my experience. I’ve been 290 pounds with 22 percent body fat. To . I’ve used different pro hormones. And seen a crazy change in my body from head to toe. After 2 weeks you see a change. also was working out at the gym for 1 hour day or at home 6 days a week. Now trying another product like this. And can wait . See what I can complete the end of my 4 weeks. I stopped working out for long time. So it will be exciting!!!

My favorite pre-workout rush stack is 50mg ephedrine, 400mg caffeine, and 3-5 Thailand dianabol. Not to get ahead of myself but the amino acid L-tyrosine will work by its own mechanism to stimualte neural firing and immediate strength gain (for this you will need at least 2, not more than 4 grams). Make sure you have an empty stomach, add some carbonation (like a Red Bull), and the whole mix gets into your system much faster. Yeah, I dreamed this once, I umm...never actually did it. Remember too, I am fairly young and although I may be a physique/physiology,drug/bodybuilding obsessed maniac - have no cardiovascular risk factors (high blood pressure, cholesterol, clogged arteries, etc).

Also? Would you say that 300mg of Anadrol would be better then taking 100mg of dianabol in the way of muscle gains? cause i was told dianabol is more potent then anadrol... which is why anadrol is dosed higher then dianabol. they are dosed differently as they where intended for different purposes. Originally 10mg of d-bol was considered full replacement Testosterone therapy dosage for men- that was the dose given to athletes as well; of course they started taking more without telling the good dr Ziegler... the rest is history. Anadrol was developed for aplastic aneamia, and really increases RBC production. The dose is based on usual amount required to get the intended THERAPEUTIC action. The two drugs had different intended actions.

What is better anadrol or anavar

what is better anadrol or anavar


what is better anadrol or anavarwhat is better anadrol or anavarwhat is better anadrol or anavarwhat is better anadrol or anavarwhat is better anadrol or anavar