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The Apostles were fully aware that one from their midst would betray their Master. However, what they were not expecting was when Jesus also predicted they were all going to deny Him at that very crucial moment. It was the hour of His Passion when He would embrace the will of the Father. It was a prediction that Peter and the other Apostles would be shaken up in their faith in the face of danger, that their belief in their Master would be seriously challenged to its foundation. We all experience this in life as well. Things have always gone so well, but a challenge suddenly comes that nothing is working out well, nothing seems to go our way anymore, we become so desperate and wondering if God is still with us. Then, we are ready to go with anyone who appeals to us regardless of what they stand for. But, we must never forget the so great a price at which we have been redeemed (1 Cor. 7:23). To simply follow anyone or do anything in fear is an act of abandonment. Telling a lie out of fear is abandoning the One who in His faithfulness surrendered Himself to the will of the Father, but who has also reassured those who have faith in Him that after His resurrection He would be reunited with all. That promise is our hope, it sustains us through our own time of betrayal by the world and worse still, by those we know. That promise helps us to put our trust in the grace of the “Incarnate One” who is always present and at work in our lives. It is that promise that helps us as we walk with Christ on a journey characterized by uncertainties to say, “even though I should have to die with you, I will not deny you.” We utter these words in union with the Crucified One as He endures His passion for our sake, knowing He understands our human condition and He is with us to help us on our own journey as well.

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What is good with winstrol

what is good with winstrol


what is good with winstrolwhat is good with winstrolwhat is good with winstrolwhat is good with winstrolwhat is good with winstrol